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About Us

From Penang Malaysia to the world....

Bringing the Joy of Music and Theatre to the Next Generation


Our Story

We started out with a dream to produce high quality "Broadway-Style" musical  theatre experiences in Penang. We want to build self-esteem, team-work, maturity for our youthful casts of amateur and semi-professional actors, from age 14 up to 80! That dream has taken clearer shape, along with the theatre performance landscape of SouthEast Asia, and experiences we have gained, working as a closely-knit and supportive community! 

Meet The Team

Our mission: To produce 
"musicals with a message" of hope for the future appealing to youthful and young theatre audiences

Our energetic and talented ensemble in the Jungle banana tree number, “A Little Bit of Mus
We Shall Prevail.jpg
Love this photo! Everyone’s in sync!.jpg
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